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Verdura Bamboo Flooring

Verdura Bamboo Flooring is environmentally sustainable.

Bamboo is a truly renewable resource. Verdura Bamboo is
  • a stable, value for money alternative,
  • that is termite resistant,
  • and also a healthy option for your family or workplace.
It has no toxic fumes, with a European recognised E1 rating.

Off-gases are 16% less than the European Standards (EN) of 0.13mg.

Verdura Solid Bamboo flooring surfaces are pre-finished with 8 layers German manufactured KLUMPP water-based Polyurethane.
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The finishes are standard Semi-Gloss or Matt.

Verdura Bamboo also comes with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.

Verdura bamboo flooring is a durable product that comes with a patented click system.

This makes it perfect for the "Do It Yourself" installer, handyman or carpenter.

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Verdura Natural Bamboo

Colour:                      Natural... read more

Verdura Coffee Bamboo

Colour:                      Coffee... read more

Verdura Sandy/Champagne Bamboo

Colour:                      Sandy / Champagne... read more

Verdura Silky Brown Bamboo

Colour:                      Silky Brown ... read more

Verdura French Bleed Bamboo

Colour:                      French Bleed... read more

Verdura Nutmeg/Australiana

Colour:                      Nutmeg / Australiana... read more

Verdura Brown Sugar Bamboo

Colour:                      Distressed Brown Sugar... read more

Verdura Coral Reef Bamboo

Colour:                      Distressed Coral Reef... read more

Verdura Ghost Gum Bamboo

Colour:                      Ghost Gum... read more

Verdura White Wash Bamboo

Colour:                      Distressed White Wash... read more

Verdura Vintage Coffee Bamboo

Colour:                      Vintage Coffee... read more

Verdura Outback Bamboo

Colour:                      Outback (Balinese Teak)... read more

Verdura Rustic Bamboo

Verdura Rustic Bamboo

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