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Benefits of Choosing Laminate Flooring in your Home

Benefits of Choosing Laminate Flooring in your Home

When considering updating the floors in your home it is so important to consider wear and tear. What will be the best flooring to look and feel great and also be durable enough to withstand high foot traffic.

Laminate flooring is a highly durable flooring solution that has many visually appealing characteristics.

The right flooring choice can also completely overhaul the look and feel of a space.

Authentic look

High-quality laminates with real-grain patterns are a cost-effective alternative to solid and engineered timber floors. There is also a huge variety of colours to choose from including Australian Timbers, European Oaks and American Hickory.

The colours and unique grain patterns mean there is a style to suit every interior design trend.


Unlike its real timber flooring cousins, laminate is much more hardwearing with no polishing, waxing or upkeep required to keep it looking fantastic. Laminate flooring does not fade in sunlight and is water-resistant with a 15 – 25 year warranty.

The perfect choice for

Homes, holiday rentals and commercial premises due to its high durability and low maintenance quality.

Floor preparation

Level the floor:

Fill any dips with a concrete leveller or use a concrete grinder to flatten out any high spots. If installing over timber floors ensure any loose boards are completely secured.

Undercut door trims and door jambs.

Easy installation

The right underlay is essential for the final look, quality and comfort of your new laminate floor.

Ensure you have the right installation tools to click boards into place. Use a handsaw to ensure boards fit perfectly under door frames.


Don’t forget to choose your matching scotias and profiles to complete a well-finished project.

How is laminate flooring made?

Layer D: Four layers are fused together in a single press operation using direct-pressure laminate construction.

The bottom layer is the backer layer – this keeps the board straight and seals the laminate board.

Layer C: HDF core or board – high-density fibreboard is made from softwood fibres that are broken down, combined with a wax and resin binder and formed into panels using heat and pressure.

Layer B: Decorative paper – this is the bit that makes it looks so good. The decorative paper is a high quality printed design that gives the laminate its distinctive appearance.

Layer A: This is the top laminate flooring overlay layer. The wear layer seals and protects the surface of the laminate floor. This top layer also comes in a range of finishes (from near matte to high-gloss).

To find out which is the best laminate flooring choice for you talk to the DIY Floorboards team.