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Christmas Decorating – Prepare Your Floors & Home

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Decorating your floors for Christmas can add a festive touch to your home. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. Christmas Rugs and Carpets:
    • Invest in holiday-themed rugs or carpets featuring classic Christmas symbols like Santa Claus, snowflakes, or Christmas trees.
  2. Pine Garland or Wreaths:
    • Place pine garlands or wreaths along the baseboards or on the floor near entryways. You can also make a wreath to place on the floor as a centerpiece.
  3. Candles and Candle Holders:
    • Arrange Christmas-themed candles or candle holders on the floor. Make sure they are safely positioned and away from high-traffic areas.
  4. Christmas Tree Skirt:
    • Enhance the area around your Christmas tree by using a decorative tree skirt. This not only hides the tree stand but adds a decorative touch to the floor.
  5. Snowflake Decals:
    • Apply temporary snowflake decals or stickers directly onto your floor. This is an easy and affordable way to create a winter wonderland atmosphere.
  6. DIY Paper Snowflakes:
    • Create your own paper snowflakes and scatter them across the floor. You can use white paper or colored paper to match your overall color scheme.
  7. Lighted Pathways:
    • Use string lights or LED candles to create pathways on the floor. This works well in hallways or along the edges of rooms.
  8. Gift Wrapping Paper:
    • Unroll festive gift wrapping paper on the floor as a makeshift carpet or runner. It’s a simple and budget-friendly way to add holiday flair.
  9. Holly or Mistletoe Sprigs:
    • Place sprigs of holly or mistletoe on the floor, particularly in areas where people are likely to gather. These natural elements bring a touch of nature to your decor.
  10. Christmas-themed Doormats:
    • Place Christmas-themed doormats at entryways to welcome guests with a festive touch. You can find doormats with messages like “Merry Christmas” or featuring holiday characters.
  11. Christmas-themed Vinyl Decals:
    • Stick vinyl decals on your floor with Christmas motifs like ornaments, stockings, or reindeer. These can be easily removed after the holiday season.
  12. Ornament Display:
    • Arrange a collection of oversized Christmas ornaments on the floor. This can be a creative and visually appealing way to decorate open spaces.

Remember to consider the overall theme and colour scheme of your Christmas decorations to ensure a cohesive and festive look throughout your home.