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Technical Specifications

Engineered Wide Oak


All flooring in the Preference wide oak range comes pre-coated with a super matt finish.

Preference Wide Oak flooring uses German-engineered KLUMPP water-based finish.

This achieves a finish which performs under direct sunlight.

It also provides a longer-lasting & harder-wearing finish than other flooring products.

Nested Lengths:

The Preference Wide Oak range contains up to two nested lengths per box.

This assists in staggering joins in the floor.


2200 mm range

Check out the range of 2200mm colours.

Dimensions :
2,200 mm x 220 mm x 21 mm x 6 mm
With 25% random length boards

European Ok has Janka Hardness Rating of 6.6 kN  

Finish :
Germany Treffert Finish - Polyurethane  

Undistressed : 7 Layers
Distressed: 4 Layers

Moisture Content :  8-10%

VOC Emissions :
<E1  , 0.02 mg/m  Below World Health Organization Level