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Engineered Preference 1 Wide Oak

Preference Wide Oak engineered timber flooring carries a structural lifetime limited residential warranty.

This is valid in & for the original purchaser in the home of the original installation.

It also has a 25 year residential wear warranty.

Structural Warranty

Lifetime limited Residential,
10 Year limited Commercial
(includes Joint Integrity)

The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser
in the original installation that our product is free from manufacturing defects
if it is installed and maintained
according to industry-standard rules
of installation and maintenance.

Joint integrity states the joints will remain secure and that the planks will align properly.

Proper control of the residential and commercial environment,
according to industry standards of installation, maintenance and moisture conditions,
must be observed and maintained,
for the warranty to be valid.

Damage due to

  • installation, transportation,
  • storage, handling,
  • glue residue, maintenance,
  • or any other cause is not warranted.

Evidence of damage due to any of the above will invalidate this limited warranty.

Pre-inspection Requirements

Prior to installation, the owner/installer must inspect all material,
to ensure that there are no visible defects,
and that all materials match the work order.

The owner/installer assumes sole responsibility for product inspection and acceptance of quality.

Because Timber is a natural fibre, variations in colour will naturally occur.

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover
variations in colour or
variations between the samples and the installed floor.

The limited warranty does not cover
labour costs to repair or replace
incorrect, damaged or visibly defective material.

Any defective, missing or incorrect items must be reported
to the retailer or distributor immediately
for inspection and replacement.

The manufacturer makes no warranty or guarantee of the quality
of the chosen installer’s work or of a particular installation performed by them.

The manufacturer disclaims all liability for any errors
or improprieties in the installation of its products by an installer.

It is the sole responsibility of the installer/owner
to ensure that site conditions are acceptable for the installation of the flooring.

The manufacturer declines any responsibility or material failure
resulting from or connected with site conditions or installation methods.

This limited warranty is subject to the following;

  • This limited warranty is not transferable
    and is valid only to the original purchaser at the original installation site.
  • The floor must be installed in indoor areas
    in accordance with Professional Installation Guidelines.
  • The floor must be maintained according to industry standards maintenance guidelines.
  • Relative air humidity must be in the range of 35%-55%.

Should the relative air humidity go below 35% or above 65%,
small cracks (checking), de-laminating and/or cupping may occur, and is not warranted.

Exclusions of Warranty

This limited warranty does not cover :

  • indentations, scratches, damage caused by negligence,
  • exposure to extreme heat, dryness or water saturation,
  • buildings locked with lack of ventilation during extreme heat & humidity,
  • accidents, abuse, misuse,
  • stains, scratches or other damage caused by animals,
  • failure to follow all manufacturer’s specific written instructions,
  • insufficient protection, improper or unauthorized alterations
  • or repairs to the original manufactured product,
  • and or any damage caused by any footwear.

The manufacturer's tongue-and-grove flooring,
installed in wet rooms (bathrooms, Laundry rooms, etc.)
will not be covered by this warranty.

Variations in grain, pattern, colour and/or texture
are common and are not considered defects;
therefore no warranty shall apply.

This limited warranty follows industry standards,
which allow for a 5% defect allowance in manufacturing defects and grading,
as it applies to the structural warranty and visible defects.

The manufacturer is not responsible for improper installation.

It is recommended that tongue-and-grove flooring
installed on concrete sub-floors should be installed over plastic & ply sheeting.
Moisture barrier membranes are not recommended.

Warranty Claims

If the manufacturer or their agents accept a claim under this limited warranty,
it will repair or replace at its option the affected material
with the same product or another product of equal value.

The sole remedy herein is the repair or replacement of all defective products.

This limited warranty covers the cost of materials only,
and does not include labour or any other related costs.

Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be liable for any loss or damage
arising from the purchase, use or inability to use this product,
or any special, indirect incidental or consequential damages.

All claims must be made in writing within thirty (30) days
after the defect has been detected and mailed to the place of purchase.

Any party that commits to floor repair/maintenance without the consent
of the manufacturer will be responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement.

Any unauthorized floor replacement or repair does not place any burden on the manufacturer.

All settlements will be accompanied by a waiver signed by all parties involved.