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Premium Engineered Flooring in Oak, Timber and More

After many years of constant foot traffic, the carpet or existing boards in your home can really start to look tired and dull, perhaps even eventually breaking apart. If you’d like to breathe some life back into your house’s flooring, engineered oak is a great way to do just that. Whether you’re in Sydney, Canberra, the Central Coast or anywhere else in the country, we will gladly deliver premium products right to your door, without the premium price tag!

DIY Floorboards is here to supply you with top-quality materials for you to undertake the project yourself, allowing you to revel in your hard work upon the job’s completion. You’re left with floors that not only look outstanding, but are also exceptionally durable.

If you love the look of traditional wooden flooring, then the Preference Wide Oak flooring is the natural choice for you.

The Preference 1 strip range of engineered floating floors are available in 6 popular colours, including popular Australian species.

Palazzo is the Italian word for palace, a title which perfectly sums up the elegant range of flooring it represents.

Hermitage oak collections features a selection of colour choices taken from an inspired design palette.

Timbernate is the half-way point between a conventional laminate floating floor & a timber floating floor.

Four fantastic stained oaks that bring opulence & warmth to any installation.
Presenting the QuickStep Imperio range.

Quickstep Readyflor floating floors are constructed as a three-layer product.

Once installed, Heritage Plank floorboards draw the eye along their distinct bevelled edge.

... and the new range : Premium Oak

If you want warmth and grace
in your home, nothing surpasses
the glory
of a wooden floor.
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Why engineered floorboards are perfect for your Central Coast, Sydney or Canberra home

If you’re yet to make your mind up about the type of material you think would be best for you, consider the following benefits of installing engineered oak floorboards:

  • Seriously durable

Engineered floorboards have a great reputation for being one of the most hard-wearing options available. There’s a good reason why they’re so very popular; they’ll last a very long time and, if they ever begin to fade, you can sand and re-finish easily, making them look as good as new again!

  • It’s a beautiful addition to any home

There is a real warmth that you can feel with the rustic grainy that holds really natural characteristics look that these types of floorboards will provide your space.

  • Superbly easy installation

Don’t be scared off with the whole DIY aspect, because this product is super easy to install all by yourself. And if you have a question during the process, we’re here to help.

Make sure you’re installing the very best and come to DIY Floorboards to supply you with top-shelf engineered flooring in oak and more for your home in Canberra, Sydney, the Central Coast or elsewhere in Australia.

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