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How To: Take Outstanding Care of your Floor

How To: Take Outstanding Care of your Floor

Every type of flooring requires a unique set of maintenance guidelines to make sure it continues looking as good as it did the day it was laid. You’ve worked so hard to lay your floors, it’s important you keep them looking fantastic!

Cleaning your floor is an important part of daily maintenance to keep your investment looking its best over its lifetime. A little care and maintenance go a long way in keeping your floor looking fantastic over its lifespan.

Looking Fresh

The easiest way to keep your floor looking fresh is to prevent damage before it occurs. A simple welcome mat at entry points into your home will greatly reduce minor scratches and marks due to dust and gravel. For hallways and entry foyers consider the use of rugs to absorb some surface wear.

Take your Shoes off

Wherever possible remove your shoes, this will help reduce the amount of dirt and grit being trafficked over the floor in your highest traffic areas. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love the feel of timber under their toes?

Don’t be a Drag

The use of felt protective pads on the feet of furniture legs/bases will prevent any damage that could be caused by accidentally fragging furniture across the surface. There are many different brands and styles available, our pick is the type that screws into the bottom of the furniture. This ensures a firm hold and that the pad won’t unexpectedly slip away from the base. If you have pets, keeping their claws trimmed will keep both your floor and furry friend in top shape.

An important tip to remember – never use adhesive tapes (like masking or painting tape) directly on the floor, the adhesive may peel off your finish.


Clean your floor regularly using dry cleaning methods e.g. a soft broom, dust mop or vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Regular removal of surface dirt and sand will prevent the surface from being scratched. To remove water-soluble dirt use a sponge mop or the Quick-Step Cleaning Kit.

It’s important to make sure you use a specific timber floor cleaner as common household cleaners/polishes could damage your protective finish – if in doubt, give us a call!

It’s pretty simple. A combination of a few things in place to prevent damage plus the right cleaning products to maintain cleanliness will go a long way to ensure the quality of your floors over their lifetime. These steps keep your floors fresh, clean, looking amazing for longer.