Hybrid Floorboards

Hybrid vinyl flooring combines the very best qualities of laminate and vinyl flooring to bring you a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting option for use in any room in your home or workspace. Hybrid vinyl flooring is made of several layers including an acoustic underlay, a core layer, a decorative patterned layer, and a protective coating. These combine to give a final product with the look and feel of solid hardwood and the hardwearing and waterproof characteristics of vinyl.

Our Hybrid Floorboards

Laying hybrid floating floors couldn’t be easier, with click and lock installation and many hybrid floorboards coming with inbuilt underlay to make it quicker and simpler to put down. This underlay is also great for the sound of your floor, insulating noise and stopping it from travelling far giving you a quieter step and house.

Luxury hybrid vinyl flooring is available in so many species and colours, with a depth of pattern that emulates the real thing and can be really tough to tell apart. Whether you prefer oak or spotted gum, natural brown or white hybrid flooring there is something for everyone and at a fantastic low price. You can get the best hybrid flooring here at an excellent cost, particularly when comparing its quality with that of any of its competition.

Features of hybrid floorboards

One of the top features of hybrid floorboards is how easy it is to maintain. Waterproof hybrid flooring can, unlike laminate, be laid in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other moisture-rich environments without fear of damage. Likewise, its stain and wear-resistant coating means that even the hardest living or accident-prone household will still find this a safe choice.

Check out our herringbone tile or plank hybrid flooring and see if you can find the type and style to suit you and your home today.

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