Easi Plank Hybrid Flooring

Easi Plank hybrid flooring is a fantastic choice for interior floors in every room in the house or workplace. Available in a number of colours and styles, this uniquely constructed floor will be sure to suit every taste while its robust and durable composition ensures that it will meet your needs as well.

Easi Plank Hybrid Floors

Hybrid flooring is made from a number of layers including an acoustic underlay, a core layer, a decorative or patterned layer, and a protective coating. What really makes Easi Plank floors stand out is its stone polymer composite, or SPC made from limestone combined with PVC. This denser core gives hybrid Easi Plank more durability and guarantees a completely waterproof floor that can go anywhere, even moisture-rich environments that are sure to get wet like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. 

Our Easi Plank Hybrid Flooring

Is easy to lay over existing floors like ceramics and simple to install yourself with its click and lock mechanism, this floating floor is a dream for DIY enthusiasts and beginners alike. While already cheaper than solid hardwood floors, and with greater engineering and a better look and feel than ever before, Easi Plank hybrid flooring prices here are the best in Australia, giving you a high quality and beautiful product at a fantastic low price. 

With a range of species including Easi Plank spotted gum and European oak, and colours from white to reds and browns there is so much to choose from to find your perfect match, and today hybrid floors really do look more realistic than ever. It is nearly impossible to tell these beautiful planks from solid hardwoods, and at a lower price and waterproof you really can’t go wrong with an Easi Plank floor today.

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