Karndean Korlok Hybrid Flooring

Karndean Korlok flooring offers an exceptional product both to lay easily and in trickier situations and for sound quality, making it stand out from the others choices in the hybrid market. The Korlok range of floors features special K-core technology and a 5G locking mechanism giving you a stable and sturdy floor that is quick and easy to install even over imperfect surfaces and existing wood. 

Karndean Korlok Hybrid Floors

Come with a built-in acoustic underlay, Korlok hybrid flooring can dramatically decrease the carrying of sound to the rooms below and leave you with a good solid yet quiet step without having to lay your own underlayment. It then has its rigid core composite layer with a patterned layer and protective coating on top, making it easy to clean and care for as well as scratch and stain resistant to a greater degree than many types of flooring. 

Our Karndean Korlok Hybrid Flooring 

Is available in planks and tiles, and in a lovely array of modern and traditional colours like grey ash and stained acacia. There are also lots of styles and species like blackbutt and spotted gum created with modern manufacturing techniques to now give you a more realistic-looking floor than ever, and still at a fantastic price compared to other options around.  

For a gorgeous new floor that will look, feel and sound good all at once and is easy to lay on all hard floors and even some imperfect subfloors, have a look at Karndean Korlok flooring and find the right floor to suit you.

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