Titan Hybrid Timber Flooring

Titan rigid hybrid is a strong, durable, and beautiful flooring option for your home, ensuring that you have a realistic-looking, warming, and welcoming floor that will last and last. Perfect for use in any room and house, Titan flooring is a hard-wearing product that you can trust and with prices that can’t be beaten.

Titan Hybrid Timber Floors

Titan timber flooring boasts a rigid core, giving it extra strength, stability, and water resistance. Titan floor surface technologies ensure only the highest scoring materials pass their rigorous testing and go on to become your durable floor. Scratch and stain-resistant and waterproof, Titan hybrid is perfect for bustling households with kids, animals, and lots of foot traffic.

Titan hybrid flooring also prides itself on its long and wide planks that are nearly impossible to tell apart from real solid hardwood floors. They still bring that same class and hint of luxury without costing an arm and a leg, and with many different styles and species to choose from there is sure to be something to match everyone’s vision of their ideal floor.

Titan Hybrid Timber Flooring

Is built with an already fitted acoustic underlay Titan rigid hybrid planks are even easier to fit without having the fuss of your own underlayment. The other benefit of this layer is the reduction in noise. Your new Titan flooring will not only look good but sound good too, with very little carrying through to the rooms downstairs.

Beautiful, hard-wearing, and in a variety of styles and colours to suit you, Titan hybrid flooring is a premium product at a bargain price that will stand up to the rigours of any household and family, so have a look at what is on offer today.

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