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Top Laminate Flooring for Canberra, Central Coast, Sydney & Beyond

Eventually, the time comes when various aspects of our home start to deteriorate due to consistent use, and one of the most-used features may well be something that you may not have even considered. With so many people (and perhaps pets) passing through, tiles and carpets can wind up looking rather dim and drab, and if you’re thinking about undertaking a cost effective rejuvenation project, you really can’t go past laminate flooring for your home in Central Coast, Sydney, Canberra or wherever you are in Australia.

Our sensational product choices come in a diverse range of colours and styles from the industry’s leading manufacturers, so you can be certain that when you order these or any of the other products that we proudly supply, including the accessories we have to help you complete your project, you’ll be receiving and installing nothing but the very best.

Grand Provincial Oak
12 mm     8 mm

Quick-Step Laminate is a stylish and durable floor covering.

KronoSwiss Laminate collection features a variety of unique designs.

Ease of installation & price are two factors that differentiate Clix Laminated floorboards from the rest of the pack.

Oakleaf Laminates generate the same look & feel of their more expensive cousins.

All Preference 12mm Laminates come with a high gloss finish.
Laminate Preference 12mm

With Evolution Laminate flooring, you are buying Aqua-Shield technology, which has proven to resist damage by water incursion for up to 60 hours.
12mm | Gloss, 1 Strip

8mm | Matt Finish, 2 Strip

Titan Laminate floorboards combine the best Australian timber designs with a wide range of styles.

Attractive and extremely durable

Laminate is a very durable, affordable and stylish floor covering. ... read more

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Why laminate is a fantastic choice for flooring

There are quite a few choices out there when you’re looking to upgrade your floorboards, so to make your life easier here are a few of the stand-out benefits of installing laminate flooring:

  • Offers a very easy installation process

Forget about having to use glues or anything like that. This uses a licensed click locking system, so you just snap the pieces together and lay it directly on top of the existing subfloor. Simple.

  • It’s one of the most durable options out there

Whether you have kids/pets or not, you’re no doubt looking for something that’ll stand up to the tests of time which this well and truly does. It’s incredibly resistant to stains as well as general wear, and won’t fade under direct sunlight.

  • The choices of colour and design are almost endless

This makes it really easy to match with the current colour regime you have as well as your home’s décor.

Need more information about our laminate flooring options?

We’d be more than happy to discuss what your requirements are, and will work with you to tailor a solution based on your needs. So whether you’re in Sydney or Canberra, the Central Coast or elsewhere in the country, call 1300 119 313 today.