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Laminate Flooring

Attractive and Extremely Durable

Laminate is a very durable, affordable and stylish floor covering.

It makes any surface

  • outstanding,
  • scratch resistant,
  • wear resistant and
  • indentation resistant

This flooring has a hard-wearing melamine surface impregnated for additional durability.

We offer a range of designer colours and styles to suit your project.

We carry a range of different laminate flooring options, which have all been proven to stand up to the toughest conditions.

Laminates are perfect for high trafficareas, such as
  • shops,
  • cafes,
  • holiday rentals,
  • restaurants,
  • offices and
  • even a busy family home
Perfect for apartments, laminate floating floors can easily be acoustic-rated.

Laminate can also be used, along with one of our acoustic-rated underlays, such as Quiet Step Underlay.

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