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Preference 12mm Laminate

  • Smooth,
  • perfectly glossed laminate flooring,
  • combined with elegant timber decors &
  • distinctive bevelled edges.
These make a product that will add class & immediate value to the room.

Preference Laminate flooring has several different designs taken from the natural beauty of Australian hardwoods.

These laminated floorboards consist of
  • an MDF core structure,
  • with the decorative print layer
  • laminated to the core.
This is then covered with a melamine (hard plastic) coating, for superior lasting wear under heavy traffic.
All of the Laminate floorboards in the Preference 12mm range come with a high gloss finish.

This gives the appearance of a longer room & larger open space when installed in any well-lit location.

Preference 12mm is one of our most popular options to upgrade the feel of any property or room.

The Preference 12mm range is the perfect laminate at a practical price.

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