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Quick-Step Colonial Flooring

There’s good... there’s better... and then there’s QuickStep® Colonial Floor.

Forget everything you thought you knew about laminate flooring; QuickStep Colonial Floor is here.

The QuickStep Colonial Range are Leaders in innovation and offering only the finest in quality flooring.

The range is testament to a never ending desire to have the most amazing products available.
When comparing the value of different laminate flooring products, ... read more

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Design, style and practical performance are the hallmarks of the QuickStep design and development team.

Featuring Australian Hardwood colours in a hard-wearing Colonial laminate floor.

You can't go past the amazing look afforded by a QuickStep Colonial Floor.

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Incizo - 1 Profile - 5 Uses

Incizo - 1 Profile - 5 Applicatons - 2.15m x 47mm x 11mm Stair Base 1 - 2.15m x 7mm Stair Base 2 - 2.15m x 8mm Stair Base 3 - 2.15m x 9.5mm

QuickStep Colonial Blackbutt Laminate

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QuickStep Colonial Spotted Gum Laminate

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QuickStep Colonial Sydney Blue Gum Laminate

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QuickStep Colonial Jarrah Laminate

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QuickStep Colonial Brazilian Walnut Laminate

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