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Quick-Step Largo

The Quick-Step Largo planks are extra Long
and extra wide planks with bevelled edge grooves
At more than 2 metres long, they exude class and quality.

Quick Step Largo Planks are up to 10 times more scratch-resistant than other laminate brands.

Largo laminates are designed to perfection.

They have a real wood look with plenty of variation between each of the planks.
When comparing the value of different laminate flooring products, ... read more

Watch "How To Install"
Videos for Quick-Step Flooring
They are renowned for their ease of installation, thanks to the patented Uniclic system, that offers superior technical performance.

Quick Step Largo planks are developed with a heart for nature.

They have PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) & EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) certification.

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Quick-Step Largo White Vintage Oak Plank

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Quick-Step Largo Grey Vintage Oak Plank

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Quick-Step Largo Authentic Oak Plank

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Quick-Step Largo White Varnished Oak Plank

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Quick-Step Largo Cambridge Oak Dark Plank

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Quick-Step Largo Dominicano Oak Grey Plank

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Quick-Step Largo Long Island Oak Light

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Quick-Step Largo Blackbutt

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Quick-Step Largo Spotted Gum

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Quick-Step Largo Recycled Hardwood

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Quick-Step Variano Painted White Oak Oiled

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Quick-Step Variano Champagne Brut Oak Oiled

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Quick-Step Variano Royal Grey Oak Oiled

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