Vinyl Floorboards 

Vinyl flooring planks have long been an accepted cheaper alternative for use at home and commercially, with some types as little as $1 per metre2. There used to be a feeling, however, that because something is cheap it isn’t good quality, but with more and more advances in manufacture and design, luxury vinyl floorboards are now one of the best types of flooring you can get, with realistic-looking patterns that can be nearly indistinguishable from the materials they mimic while also being one of the most waterproof and hardwearing products available and still at the best price.

Vinyl Flooring Planks

Vinyl floors are made from a mix of fibreglass, PVC polyvinylchloride, and a plasticizer to give you a waterproof and durable floor. Your wood or concrete look vinyl floors will be stain and scratch-resistant making it difficult to damage and helping to give you a long-lasting floor that won’t need to be endlessly replaced. Laminate flooring which also can be an affordable choice can warp and swell with too much damp, but vinyl floorboards will never let you down no matter how messy things get and making it an ideal choice for homes with children, pets, and plenty of foot traffic.

Vinyl Floors

It is also easy to install your vinyl floorboards onto most surfaces, especially using planks or tiles which can be individually replaced if needed which again can help increase the lifespan of your floor. Now with an array of looks including timber and ceramics and with colours from classic black and white vinyl flooring to wood look and styles like parquet and herringbone you can be sure to find a floor to suit what you want as well as what you need.

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